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Having won the Time Out Eating Awards three times, words are superfluous…. The owner and chef of the tavern, Giannis, leaves nothing to chance.

The combination of inspirational dishes he has created since 2001, with over 25 unique recipes for meze, along with hearty hospitality and good Greek music, has made Skourouvinnos one of the most popular gastronomic destinations.

If you want to know what good food really means, Skourouvinnos will be waiting for you in the stone-built building of 1890 to taste the most unique gastronomic temptations that will be unforgettable.

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+357 25 720692

Our Menu

Meze for two €20/p

Meze (Minimun order 2 persons                                                              20,00 €
Ορεκτικά / Σαλάτα, Ταχίνι, Τζαντζίκι, Παντζάρια, Ελιές Πράσινες(τσακκιστές), Ψωμί, Πουργούρι, Κριθαράκι Κυρίως Πιάτο / Λούντζα, Χαλλούμι, Τυροκεφτέδες, Μακαρόνια με κεφαλάκι, Αφέλια, Χόρτα με τα αυγά, Πατάτες, Φλαμαντζέρι, Κοτόπουλο σουβλάκι, Κοτόπουλο Φτερούγες, Χοιρινά Παιδάκια, Σουβλάκι Χοιρινό, Σιεφταλία
Starters (Salad, Tahini, Yogurt, Beetroot, Capers, Olives) Main dishes -Groats with Mushrooms -Barley with beef mince, mushrooms and ouzo -Lountza and Halloumi -Cheeseballs (tirokeftedes) -Makaroni with lamb head -“Afelia” -Greens with eggs -Potatoes -Flamed Bacon (“Flamantzeri” – Pork Belly) -Chicken souvlaki and chicken wings -Spare Ribs with carob honey -Pork souvlaki and “sheftalia” Seasonal extras -“Agrelia” -Snails -“Stroufouthkia” -Red Mushrooms and “Anadrika” P.S. Meze might change seasonally


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